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How do you know when you hear from God? What does it look like to be in God’s will? What does it sound like to hear a word from the Lord? How does God reveal what He wants from us anyhow? When you think you’re hearing something, how do you ensure it isn’t the enemy […]
We’re pleased when we can be in agreement with those around us and land in that “sweet spot” where everyone’s agreed. You could call that “sweet spot” our common ground. Fortunately, with some give and take, we enjoy this common ground for the most part. This, however, is not the kind of common ground I’m […]
Do you know about the perfect workout? Sure you do! It’s the one we all imagine in our heads. We get up early and have a strenuous, full body workout with planks, crunches, pull ups and a 3-mile cool off run.
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