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At Beacon, we offer a variety of groups and activities that suit different interests. Whether you enjoy connecting with our youth group, exploring our beliefs, contributing to community service, or engaging in our events, there’s something for everyone. Our primary goal is to foster an environment where individuals can not only participate but also thrive and grow in their faith journey.

Children’s Sunday School

At Beacon, we’re thrilled to provide Kids Sunday School—a special time designed just for our young ones to explore the love of God for His creation. Our goal is to create a fun and nurturing environment where kids can learn about the incredible love God has for each of them. Sunday School runs from September to June, offering a consistent and engaging space for children to grow in their understanding of faith. We believe that instilling these foundational truths in their hearts helps shape a strong and lasting connection with God from an early age.

9:30 AM – 10:15 AM


At Beacon, we’re blessed to be able to offer a Youth Group—an energetic space for teenagers to connect and grow in their faith journey. Our aim is to foster an atmosphere where our youth can experience and understand God’s love and purpose for their lives. Youth Group activities are ongoing throughout the year, providing a consistent and enjoyable environment for teens to explore their faith, build friendships, and engage in meaningful discussions. Grade 9 and up.

Youth Bible Study – Wednesdays, 7-9:30 PM

Youth Gym Night – Every other Tuesday, 7-9 PM

Womans Ministry

At Beacon, we’re happy to share our Women’s Ministry, a welcoming group where women can hang out, support each other, and learn more about faith. Our aim is to create a space where women can feel God’s love and discover what makes them special. offering a friendly place for women to explore their faith, make friends, and have interesting talks. From September to June, come be a part of this exciting adventure as we join together, share stories, and build a community of women growing in their connection with God.

Ladies Fellowship, Every other Thursday 7 PM

Mens ministry

At Beacon, we’re pumped about our Men’s Ministry—a space designed for guys to connect, support each other, and navigate their faith journey. Our mission is clear: to build an environment where men experience the strength of God’s love and uncover their unique purpose. The Men’s Ministry is a year-round gig, providing a steady and relaxed spot for men to explore faith, form connections, and dive into interesting conversations.

MIA, Last Saturday of each month 7 PM